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7 Steps to Choose Best Instagram Username

choose the best Instagram name

Choosing your Instagram username is very important as it can help you to get more followers and increase your popularity. It has become very challenging to find a username that stands out and attracts users. Most of the time we face difficulties like the username you choose have already been taken or there are plenty of names like yours that can lead to some confusion amongst other users. 

In this article, we’ll cover Instagram username rules and how to choose the best Instagram username.

Follow these 7 steps to choose the best Instagram name that helps you or your brand grow faster.

  • Your Instagram Name should be easy to pronounce. No part of your name should be confusing at all.  

  • Your name should be Unique. Obviously, you can’t have a user name that is already taken, by unique I mean to avoid similarities to any other business or brands that are already on Instagram. This will help you avoid copyright infringement problems in the near future.

  • Avoid using periods and/or Underscores in your name.  You might use these in order to create a unique name for yourself. In case you use them then limit your use of them.  Never put two or more periods and/or underscores right beside one another because it will make it harder for people to search for you and find your name.

  • Your name should not be too long. Conciseness and clarity are the keys to a successful Instagram name so this is why you should use a shorter name. The shorter name will be easier to search and may provide you with exclusivity.

  • Always keep Gender/Ethnicity/Religion out of your name. If you include these in your name then you will severely limit the potential size of your audience.

  • Try to avoid popular names (success, entrepreneur, billionaire, etc) because there are already several Instagram accounts that dominate in these niches and you will be facing a steep uphill climb as you attempt to grow your following.

  • Always choose a name relevant to the content you post. Use the niche’s keyword in the first part of your name and not in the middle or last part of it.  Because whenever someone is going to search in your niche the first thing they will type in the search field is the keyword.  This is a simple way to utilize SEO within the Instagram environment.

We hope this will help you choose the perfect Instagram username! Despite the 800 million Instagram users, there are so many Instagram name ideas left to try.

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