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What Is Instagram & Reasons Why Should You Be Using It?


what is instagram

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an app which allows you to share photos and video for free on your ios and android devices. Users can upload photos or videos and share them with their followers or selected groups of friends. Users can Like, Comment and Share each other's posts.
Anyone who is above 13 can create an Instagram account using an email id or a mobile number. 

Reasons Why Should You use Instagram

Instagram is unique and incredibly simple in nature and in design. No annoying buttons, sketch links or intrusive pop-ups. You view a vertical gallery of photos or videos taken with friends, family or loved ones.

Here are some reasons why to choose Instagram.

  • Ease of use and simplicity is remarkable.
  • Seamless features to keep users engaged and practically addicted.
  • It provides users with a way to express themselves visually making the app natural way to document and share their lives to the outside world.
  • Huge Audience: People are addicted to their phones and have a really hard time putting them down and your followers and customers are waiting to engage with content on Instagram that appeals to them.

Apart from this Instagram is one of the most powerful ways to promote your business, build a community and tap into a world of millions of people. Instagram can be an extremely valuable resource for building an empire of loyal fans and followers who can’t wait to buy your products and services.


Instagram gives you the ultimate power of storytelling through engaging photos, reels and live streaming. It is the ultimate platform for providing people with an intimate look into your life and business in real time.

Things to Remember

You need to create highly visual content. Your Instagram posts need to be clean and well designed. Those who think they can just slap random stuff together and call it content are the ones who burn out the fastest and end up broke.

Download Instagram App for Android       Download Instagram App for ios

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