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Top 10 Reasons Why Instagram is dominating all other social media platforms


With more than 1 billion users, Instagram is growing tremendously. It is now one of preferred mediums for businesses to reach out to its target audience.

But, why Instagram is considered as most dominating than all other social media platforms when it comes to online business.
  1. Instagram allows you to reach up to 100% of your followers, Facebook only allows you to reach about 10%. If you want 100% of your followers on Facebook to see your posts then you need to pull out some cash and pay Facebook to “boost” your posts. 
  2. Instagram Secrets book by Jeremy McGilvery claims that Instagram engagement is amazing. 58 times more than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter.

  3. It is designed with a clean user interface making it easy to use - next to no learning curve.
  4. Instagram has equal distribution amongst iPhone and Android users.
  5. Instagram has 400 million monthly active users; 80 million photos shared per day!
  6. Organic Engagement has grown by 115% on Instagram compared to a 63% decrease of organic engagement on Facebook.
  7. The average order is 65$ on Instagram versus only 55$ on Facebook.
  8. Instagram is extremely efficient at deleting fake or spam accounts and posts.
  9. Facebook has 96% of marketers whereas Instagram has only 36%. So on Instagram you only have to compete with about a third of marketers online.
  10. The average Instagram Account grows in followers by 16% per month.

Each point mentioned above is a dream come true for any business or Influencer who wants to expand their reach and create another source of Income.

Source: Instagram Secrets by Jeremy McGilvery

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