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Why LightningChart .NET Is Better than Other WinForms Charting Controls?

Developed by Arction, LightningChart .NET is one of the best charting controls for .NET developers. For developing software, charts are used for representing data in a simple and interactive manner. Choosing the right charting library is important for developers to make their software development projects cost-effective and seamless. Among various charting libraries for.NET, developers prefer using LightningChart .NET from Arction. This charting control comes with many features. Nevertheless, there are different types of charts to suit industries, like finance, banking, economics, engineering, defense, and many more.

So, what makes LightningChart .NET better than other WinForms charting controls? The features of LightningChart make it a leading charting control. In the following section, the features of this charting library are discussed.

Top-Notch Performance

LightningChart .NET comes with top-class performance. It is a GPU accelerated charting control, which provides real-time data monitoring without flickering and delays. Smooth interactivity with high-resolution datasets is another notable feature of this charting control. LightningChart .NET efficiently uses the machine resources. It works smoothly in machines with older or outdated hardware support. Hence, using this charting library is convenient for all developers. Apart from convenience, LightningChart offers cost-effectiveness. Developers do not need to invest a high amount of money for updating their computer hardware.

Arction has a proficient development team, which put sincere efforts to update various features of the LightningChart .NET charting library. Not only adding new features, but the development team also ensures fixing the bugs with this charting library. For all these reasons, it has become a powerful charting library that software developers want to integrate with their projects.

Suitable for Every Developer

Arction has developed LightningChart to suit the requirement of all kinds of .NET developers. The charting library includes different kinds of charts for the developers. For example, you can find advanced 3D charts, conventional 2D charts, donuts, pie charts, GIS charts, geographic maps, and many more. There are charts for different industries. Apart from top-class performance, the LightningChart .NET library is poised with customizable charting tools.

An Advanced Technical Support Team

Arction has an advanced technical support team to deliver powerful and satisfactory support to the developers. You may come across a few technical glitches and bugs. In such a scenario, developers can contact our customer support care for attaining technical support. We offer advanced technical support to the developers, who have active subscriptions for LightningChart .NET charting library.

Affordable Charting Library

Developers search for the charting library that comes with affordable plans. It helps them to keep the operating cost of the project low. When operating cost is low, you can make a high profit. Using LightningChart .NET from Arction Ltd will enhance your profit from various software development projects. Moreover, LightningChart is easy to integrate with different kinds of projects. As a result, you do not need to purchase additional charting controls for managing different kinds of projects. 

In a WPF chart benchmark test in 2013, LightningChart .NET emerged as the best charting control in terms of performance. Due to its flawless performance and easy integration, many successful developers prefer using this charting library.

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