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The A - Z of Web Development for Beginners

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Technology and covid-19 have changed the way of living as people can get any product or service at the comfort of their home. 

Not only shopping but education is also becoming digital. Besides, designers are giving logo design services

 or other designing services worldwide from their homes.

So, it's not wrong to say that digital platforms are gradually taking over physical ways.

Whether it's an SEO specialist, SEM executive, graphic designer, content creator, or anyone who lost his or her job during these uncertain times can take a digital start. 

This article will focus on web development and help those who want to enter the coding world.

What is Web Development?

Web development is the formation and maintenance of websites to make the website appearance appealing, user-friendly, and fast working. People working on the development of the web are called web developers.

Usually, web developers are like doctors of websites because they diagnose the problems of websites. You can create an ideal logo with the assistance of professional logo design services, but you need a developer to place it on your business site rightly.

Coding is the elementary step of web development like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Now, we know what web development is but do you know what is the web?

A website contains information made up of interconnected links virtually. We also call it the World Wide Web (WWW), and it is part of internet services.

A website contains the following elements:

  • Web client – is the user's web browser, and we also called web client to those extensions and helper applications that enhance the functioning of websites. A web client can be a laptop or pc, a smartphone, an android TV browser, or a tablet user.

  • Web server – it runs websites and provides the requested website to the web client. It stores the websites and delivers them to web clients.

  • DNS – its complete form is Domain Name System. This system changes the alphabetic text into numbers. Like, the address of the web like google "" into IP address which is numeric.

  • Hypertext – the delivery of web from a webserver to the web client is done through hypertext. Hypertext is simply a communication medium.  Hyperlink – it is a link that refers to other hypertext and opens a new website. This hypertext will have a different web name, and the web client will use the domain name to find the IP address and deliver the web to the client to find the right IP address. 

  • HTTP – it stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is the protocol provided by the internet to write and understand the requests of web clients and info from the servers.

To understand these terminologies more clearly, the following example will help you:

A chocolate company (the client) wants a new logo and hires a professional logo design services provider (website), but how the company will make contact with the professional logo designer? The company's representative (web browser) will contact the designer through letter or email (web request written in HTTP).

When the message is reached to the designer that a chocolate company wants to hire him, if he agrees to make a logo for them, the chocolate company will arrange a meeting in their firm. Then the company will email or send the address to the designer.

The designer does not know the place where the firm is located, so he will use Uber (DNS will use the domain name and sends the request to the right web IP address using the internet). Then the designer will travel to the firm. In the meeting, all the discussions will take place for logo building.

After the meeting, the designer will start making a logo for the company, and when the final product is made, he will send it to the company (the hypertext of the website, web response packaged in HTTP) through email.

The final logo will reach the chocolate company, and they will use this new logo (displays the webpage), they are satisfied with the designer.

What Are Front End, Back End, And Full Stack Developers?

  • Before we study the different types of developers, understanding the difference between the front end and back end should be known.

  • The front end means the interaction and the appearance of the website by a user. Like an attractive logo made by a custom logo design services provider, free or paid images, animations, and many other things present on the webpage all are included in the front end.

  • On the other hand, the back end is the side of the web development that is not present in front of you when you see a website.

  • There are three kinds of web developers. Each web developer work on different areas of a website.

  • Front-end developers – these developers use HTML and CSS to give your website a decent appearance and make it look appealing on different devices.

  • Back-end developers – they work on the coding that works when the website is functioning 

  • Full-stack developers – these developers work on both front-end and back-end development.  

Checklist] How to Evaluate a Front-End Developer

What Skills Are Needed?

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the main coding languages that are needed to be learned, as based on these languages, a website is built.

  • HTML or Hypertext Markup Language – gives an overall outline to the websites, and what we see when a website is opened in the browser is all made up of HTML coding. It gives you content, title, tables, lists, and many more things on the webpage.

A website only made up of HTML is dull and boring, so CSS and JavaScript give a beautiful and attractive appearance to the webpage.

  • CSS or Cascading Style Sheet – It gives style, color, and fancy to the HTML content. CSS provides a background, text color, customized fonts to the website, and shapes.

If you want to become front- end developer, it is necessary to have command in CSS.

  • JavaScript – gives your page an interactive personality. You can add the button "scroll up" that will take you to the top of the webpage. You can add games, animations, dynamic styling effects and give you 2D or 3D graphics.


To build a web, you need two tools:

  • A text editor to write code like Sublime text

  • A browser to see what you are making like Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a web browser that will help you to see what you are making using coding.

Sublime text is the application that edits and enhances codes and helps in identifying debugs in the program. It is a widely used application by developers.

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