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How to Overcome the IELTS Test Fear to Ensure a Higher Score

Done with the IELTS preparation? The time has come now to showcase your knowledge and expertise to an examiner. You might feel little stress or nervousness on the exam date. If it is beyond the limit then necessary measures should be taken. Most of the students end up taking fewer marks or unable to perform despite they did many hours of preparation because of stress. So, In this article, what you should do to overcome this hurdle. Our team of language experts has accumulated some practical steps that you must keep into consideration to manage your stress on the test day.

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Let’s check out how to kick out the fear from a mind on the IELTS test day and get 7+ or 8+ band scores: 

Fear of skipping audio while listening test

You are listening to audio and suddenly your mind diverges because your fellow exam partner is doing something strange or you pressed the wrong button, so what now? The audio has been skipped. Does that thought tremble you? The better solution to get rid of this situation is practice. The more you practice for the IELTS listening, the more control you have on the equipment, body, and mind. Listening to tests demands your hearing potential. You need to work to enhance your concentration power. Morning meditation is a powerful technique to control your mind. Make a routine to do meditation and eat well. Try to eat very little on the day of the test date. Be silent and stay alone on the examination day so that you can grab more words. 

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Fear of omitting ideas in reading test 

You need to complete the reading test within one hour. The time limit of 1 hour also includes a transfer of sheets. Many IELTS aspirants are afraid of what will happen if the time has elapsed before the transfer of questions to the answer sheet? The only solution to the problem is time management. Divide the time wisely for the three paragraphs. Check the timer frequently to track the pace of your writing questions. Never make the mistake of spending much time on one particular question. When you do not know an answer it is better to skip that question and move on to the next one. You can attempt that question later when you get the time in the end.

Fear of not getting ideas in IELTS writing

This situation frightens the candidates who are less involved in knowing the things happening in their surroundings or not updating themselves with the latest news of the country. A good writer is a good reader and a great observer. You should learn these both skills to score a great band score on the IELTS writing test. Students generally put much time into collecting ideas in mind as to what they should write in the body segment of the essay. As a result, they begin writing irrelevant things to increase the length of the essay. 


Read sample essays at the time of preparation to generate ideas. It helps to absorb others' mindsets how they have implemented their ideas and frame the sentences or paragraphs so well. Write accurately rather than fulfilling word limits. Keep sentences short, write correct grammar and spellings, add punctuation marks and insert fewer linking words. Maintain the essay flow by using pronouns. 

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Fear of taking a long pause while IELTS speaking test

IELTS speaking test is formed to check the fluency of the candidate and there is no connection with how you behave? But, yes, you should maintain the right decorum during the test. Taking a long pause is not a crime but it should be limited. You can take a pause but display it smartly. Listen to questions from the examiner, take a pause, take a pause, think in mind, gather words, and speak. Maintain the same flow during the whole test so that you look confident. An examiner will observe and see the words or info you select while speaking as you need time to think and virtually give answers snowpro certification.

Final End 

At last, we would like to tell you that there is no shortcut to hit the 8+ bands in the IELTS. A great way to conquer the test fear is to speak to someone knowledgeable about the test. You can ask your doubts from the trainers of the Best IELTS coaching institute in Ludhiana. It is good to eliminate even small fear or doubts before sitting in the test. Prepare well, practice more and be confident on the test date.

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