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5 tips to keep in mind to choose the best Immigration consultant

Are you looking for a work or study permit in a foreign country? Or are you planning to get a permanent residence in a foreign country? Whatever the reason may be, there is a degree of perplexity and anxiety associated with the immigration process. If you find the process to be complicated and frustrating, you will need the assistance of an experienced immigration specialist who can guide you through the difficulties. 

Every year, immigration laws change, making it impossible to go through all of this without proper assistance. Finally, the most critical question, How to choose the best immigration consultant for guidance? 

Here is a list of five useful tips that can help you pick the right immigration consultant:

1. Level of Success and Experience

Since immigration laws keep on changing constantly, you should always choose an immigration consultant who has vast knowledge and experience in providing excellent services to their clients. Well-experienced firms will be skilled at dealing with unusual circumstances, which will save your time and money. So, if you are looking for the best visa advisors, then contact the reputed immigration consultants in Jalandhar.

Note one thing, knowledge and experience breed trust. Once you’ve completed doing the primary work of searching a capable and trustworthy immigration consultant, the rest will fall into place. The best predictor of a consultant’s expertise and abilities in the field is a high success rate. You can choose a consultant who has a minimum of 3 years of experience in the immigration industry and has managed over 1,000 immigration cases. 

2. Check some important details

Accreditation: Check if the immigration consultant you are connecting with is accredited or licensed with the local government bodies and the immigration regulatory body of the country to which you are migrating to. 

Physical office: It is often preferable to approach companies that have a well-equipped office and a committed customer service staff. Choosing an independent agent who does not have an office is a big risk as it questions it’s reliability.

A thorough background check: The best way to assess the reputation of a consultancy and its credibility in the sector is to conduct a thorough background check. Avoid relying on google reviews, word of mouth recommendations are the best way to assess their reputation. Seek feedback from people who have consulted with the company rather than relying solely on written reviews and testimonials on their website when choosing one of the best immigration consultants. 

3. Ask basic questions from the consultant

Immigrating to another country could be a life-changing decision for you. As a result, picking the right immigration consultant cannot be done blindly. It is critical that you interview the consultant in order to assess essential factors such as their competency, availability, and commitment to assist you. If you have some significant questions to ask and searching for an excellent advisor, then link with the well-experienced visa consultants in Jalandhar.

Some specific questions to ask the consultant include their qualifications, expertise, jurisdictional registration, contact information and the costing. In addition, the consultant should not hesitate to provide you with potential references if you ask for them in order to prove their credibility. 

4. Runaway from constants who make a lot of promises

A good immigration consultant will double-check your application accuracy. You should stop working with him/her if he/she motivates you to lie. Any leak now could land you in hot water later. 
An honest immigration consultant will not keep your confidential documents. Some swindlers may attempt to keep your original documents and demand more money before returning them to you. Make suitable efforts to keep yourself away from such situations. You don’t even have to visit their office or courier the documents to them anymore as technological advances can help you upload necessary documents. 
Some companies can advertise lower prices on their websites to attract customers, only to increase the price once you decide to work with them. It is easier to settle potential disputes if you are mindful of this reality before you begin negotiating. 
5. Analyze their website as well as their cancellation and refund policies

Is the company’s website up to date? Have they discussed all of the specifics that worry you? A company’s website serves as the public face, explaining to customers what the company is all about. The best immigration consultants would have a well-designed website that is both insightful and appealing. 

The website should be able to provide you with information about the services provided, contact information, costing, and the firm’s registration records. It will also inform you of any additional services offered by the immigration consultant, such as job search or post-landing services. 

In case your application gets rejected, will you get your money back? If so, how much would it cost? And up to when? 

As we know, progress is not always assured. If the visa and immigration authorities refuse your application for some reason, the consultant should issue a refund to your account in accordance with their termination and refund policy. As a result, it's mandatory to read the terms and conditions of each company you’ve shortlisted in order to choose the most trustworthy. If you are looking for the most reliable firm, then you can connect with the renowned Best Canada study visa consultants in Jalandhar.


Follow the above-mentioned tips staunchly, if you don’t want to be fooled in the process of getting your study/work visa. So, fulfill your dreams of migrating abroad by linking with an appropriate immigration consultant. 

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