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The job profile of the industrial engineer today and his skills

If you have a company, your priority is to be more productive as an organization, since greater productivity on your part implies that your client obtains a more complete benefit, sooner and with greater competitive advantage for yourself. What profile is qualified for it? The task is not easy and requires a series of skills and knowledge of the person who performs this function. We are talking about the work profile of the industrial engineer from the perspective of his competences and his contribution to Industrial Engineering projects.

The competencies of the industrial engineer job profile in a company

What are the competencies that you should require in the job profile of the industrial engineer you hire? To understand what we mean by competencies, we are going to explain what we look for at our manufacturing unit as a talent to undertake the industrial projects in which we have specialized.

Given our activity as an industrial process engineering in Valladolid, we demand that our team be able to complete a project comprehensively. And this means taking charge and managing the following fields:

Manage planning, scheduling, and production control operations. In this area, the profile of a good industrial engineer knows how to perform resource use work to simulate and implement optimized processes, always designed and produced under the strict standardized codes in force. Throughout this process, it will also ensure that each of the elements of the chain complies with the regulations and quality requirements.

Optimization of the logistics and distribution chain of each area involved in the project. Here, the engineer is required to compete in the area of ​​purchasing, stock control, and shipment management with the sole objective that the entire industrial process works like clockwork, coordinated, and greased.

For all this, strong and solid competencies are required in the fields of industrial safety, environmental management, and economic project management (including here the talent in their charge).

The skills required of the industrial engineer

As you can guess, for all this, a very specific profile of an industrial engineer is required, with very defined skills.

First, you must provide skills in the application of methods, resources, solutions, and tools to know how to adapt each situation to the needs of the project. And this is only achieved with some innate qualities and others acquired with experience, as is the case with the current out team.

If you imagine a project, it does not have to be engineering, it is easy to assume that deviations in the plan have to happen. The good professional, the best engineer, is flexible like a reed and knows how to find the new way to reach the goal, making the necessary decisions.

In this sense, you must know how to handle both the human talent that you surround yourself with and that you have at your disposal in the project, as well as have the ability and experience in researching solutions to problems that may arise, being one of the team.

In all these processes, critical thinking and objective thinking must prevail over the emotional. Industrial engineers are trained to use our rational part in planning and execution. Of course, the best job profile for an industrial engineer is one that uses emotion to give ingenious solutions to pressing problems.

Finally, the work profile of the industrial engineer goes through holistic training, with vision and application of scientific theory applied to engineering (solutions) through the most modern technologies.

As you can deduce, at our industry we only work with the best. And it is what we make available to our clients in each of the industrial projects entrusted to us.

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