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8 Gorgeous Bridal Mehndi Designs We Found On The Internet

Adorned in everything over-the-top and sitting in ‘the bridal chamber’, we have our bride waiting for her last but not the least, definitely not the least ornament to grace her body and finally, visibly mark her body as the BRIDE.

How do you spot a bride one day before the wedding at dinner?

Why of course! She is eating her heart out due to her nerves (dare I say that certain simile) and her mother and aunts are calling her out for it. If you can’t find her with the technique above (which, now that I think is only something my friends would do) look at her and I mean LOOK at her.

She will be showcasing the Art of Henna.

Her hands will be covered in deep and bold shades of henna that bring out a new glow to her. She isn’t the only one but she is ‘the one’. Hers would be the darkest but also the lightest, most complicated, and extremely simple. Hers will the ‘Royal Hand’ and her command the ‘ROYAL WAVE’.

The most in control and out of place woman who holds all the cards and is treated like the queen, whose all requests are treated as the ultimate command, and her shyness as the ‘Bridal Nakhra’ is what your eyes will notice.

Today’s ‘NAKHRA’ that we bring with us is the ‘MEHNDI WALE NAKHRE’.

‘My Mehndi should be the most unique, ‘I have the design ready, just stick to it, okay?’

(No, please? Ouch!)

Bride: “Just please do it fast so I can get some sleep but *oh no* it should be full hand with like many different designs, put some Arabic into the mix, a few flowers and.....”

Three hours later the Mehndi designer is being fed by her co-worker as she still works on filling the bride’s hands with henna.

Mehndi aunty: *phew almost done*

In today’s Nakhra we present to you some stunning designs that sure will take you on an awe spree.

I. Nuts in My Desert

Image Courtesy:

I mean, I can clearly see a few Kaju and Pistas right in the center where a piece of the chocolate brownie is missing. Not to forget the crisscross waffles on the fingers and writs and the peacock-shaped twist at the end. Overall this has to be a design considered by all the foodies getting married out there.

II. Turn and Dash

Image Courtesy:


No one is running away.

I mean, come one, the wedding is around the corner and the couple is happy. Don’t get any ideas. The name we have given to this complicated but classy design is turn and dash. An amazing remix of just lines and waves has to be the easiest on the eyes. The contrast with the palm’s swirls and forearms’ line, this has to be the stunner in the complete bridal look.

III. S-leave Me Alone

Image Courtesy:

Bride: “To all the judgmental people attending my wedding, I kindly request to you to keep your frivolous opinion with thyself because the only people being affected are you. In addition, I regretfully convey to you, albeit not really, that impersonation of is strictly prohibited. Thank you and Enjoy.”

A fashion statement is what this design is. The full hand bridal mehndi look looks no less than the sort of full hand tattoo I’d like. An out of box approach for the new generation and please no in-box comments.

IV. Remix

Image Courtesy:

(don’t worry it's original, I promise, we have suffered enough from Bollywood.)

A very chic blend of traditional swirls and flowers with the very gen-z first date anniversary coffee cups. We just can’t stop looking at the very versatile design floating on this bride.

Tell us what other gen-z thing you can find in this bridal mehndi design for full hands.

(does that look like ‘anime’ hair? Hmm...”)

V. Habibi

Image Courtesy:

(cuz we’re in love)

It’s hard not to fall in love with this Arabic mehndi. A unique take on the style and organization of henna, this bride must have shown off, and rightfully so.

VI. Endurable Patriarchy

Image Courtesy:

How much ever positivity we try to maintain, there is no doubt that its alter ego has appeared. Tradition says the bride has to write her husband’s name or initials in a concealed way so he can later find it.

It is cute, honestly, but what one doesn’t realize is that this day forth you won’t be having your own name anymore and much likely in the upcoming years be given a completely different identity. That is the feminist in me.

The hopeless romantic in me finds it very charming. Both of our initials, in plain sight, for everyone to see that we are ‘individuals’ in love and no one has to change themselves for the other bridal makeup artist in hyderabad.


Tum puch lena subah se,

Na yakin ho toh shaam se,

Ye dil dhadakta hai tere hi naam se.

*literally fangirling on a poem*

Let us know which poem do you associate with this mehndi in the comments section.

VII. Fencing

Image Courtesy:

Love at first fight.

So many different designs put together and separated simultaneously. This design makes me think, ‘this is perfect for the couples who have gone under many obstacles and rose successfully.’

The attention to detail and an acute sense of representation is to be applauded and awed for.

So, what is your fencing story?

VIII. The Chronicles of a Wedding

Image Courtesy:

A henna art

The whole essence of happily ever after starts with the wedding celebrations and what other way to hold on to it a little longer than to put it in your mehndi.

Let us know which other stunning mehndi designs you found on the internet and what quirky names have you given them.

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