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How bad health of men affects their job prospect

bad health of men affects their job prospect

It is a matter of common sense to equate health with effectiveness in your job, it doesn’t matter whether you are a NASA scientist launching the Mars Rover or a laborer if your health is below standards and you are struggling to cope with it you will not be able to perform your respective tasks effectively.

Health not only refers to building six-pack abs, tightening the biceps and triceps, and other such stuff. Your total health is the culmination of both your physical and mental health, but we never care for our mental well-being. In this article, we shall discuss whether how to deal with health complications that tend to decrease our effectiveness in work.

Reasons for bad health

This pressure of restrictions and no allowance can be one of the reasons for them to develop some kind of mental discomfort which in return can cause some mental irregularities and can be the starting age for stress development or anxiety. 

As for men who have become adults, they are more likely to develop some disorders already due to their lifestyle, pressures, mental discomforts, or any kind of fear. Men are suffering more because of their lifestyle and different types of pressure which are induced into their minds by the surrounding happenings, society also being the one. 

It may happen that looking at your body you will feel, “I am all okay then why I am unable to concentrate on my work”. The answer to your question is your poor mental health, lack of coordination between mind and the body, a body cannot perform 100% alright without the coordination between physical and mental aspects. Let’s understand the reasons that lead to degrading mental health, and how to overcome them.

Inadequate sleep– In this 21st century, where people do not have the time to eat properly they come up with fast food. God knows, what’s more, there is to see, the communication has digitized from face to face to Facebook, people are becoming robots working day to night without any time for food or rest. 

It is most visible in the tech companies, people are working 16 to 18 hours for a meager salary, and that too excluding overtime. How can you focus every day on a delicate and thinking job where your creativity needs to pop out if you are not allowed to sleep for at least 6 to 7 hours? Inadequate sleep disrupts your overall functioning of the body, low levels of serotonin, an enzyme secreted by the hypothalamus, which determines the mood of the person. 

Whether you will be cheerful or melancholic, all depends on the serotonin levels, the higher the serotonin levels, the more jovial is the mood and vice versa. People suffering from depression, 

Erectile Dysfunction

This one will make your life worse than even hell of the highest order, your relationships, family life everything will be ruined if you do not remain stable. Everyone knows the basic details about Erectile Dysfunction (ED) that in ED your penis does not becomes erect during sexual intercourse. 

You may think it’s not a big issue; eating pills like Fildena 100, Cenforce, and Vidalista Reviews will make you recover from it completely by proving you with the sufficient erection that lasts till you want. These pills indeed provide you with an erection, but ED hurts the manliness and ego of a male, this is the main problem. Many men are unable to handle this guilt of not being able to satisfy their partner, they take ED as something which makes them less manly rather than just any other disorder. 

This pushes men to the brim or sometimes completely into depression, anxiety, and isolation, he cannot express his feelings to people at the workplace, friends, or family because they feel that they would make fun of him which is by the way true. With such turmoil in your life when you step inside your office or your shop, you would feel hesitant while interacting with strangers, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem are common traits found in ED patients. 

Carless Intake of food

Due to our busy schedule, we tend to eat whatever we could manage to eat in the time left, this leads to regular consumption of fast food, cold drinks, and packaged food items. Regular consumption of these types of foods can increase the content of bad cholesterol in your body which will make you a victim of obesity and also diabetes mellitus which is the result of intake of high sugar content foods or beverages like cold drinks. 

Like we choose 1 clothes from 100 while placing the order from Flipkart or Amazon, then why can we not choose the food which we eat? If clothes are of low quality it may make you less attractive but, eating low-quality foods affects you both physically and mentally. It lowers your thinking, memorizing, and creative capacity along with making your body weaker. 

Food eaten should be as per the work you do, if you are a student you need more protein diet because the body is in building stage, if you do a laborious job you need more carbohydrate diet, if you do a desk job you require more vitamins but nowadays of all these people consume the same meal. 

So, what to do?

  • Meditate daily for 30 minutes.

  • Consume fewer fast foods, try to eat more home-cooked food. 

  • Get rid of addictions like smoking, alcohol, or drug abuse.

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