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5 Surefire Ways To Master SEO

I hope you are here because you want your website’s visibility in search engines for a long time and not for few days. Search engine giant Google continues to challenge even professional SEO by releasing updates at regular intervals. Recently we have seen Penguin update after Panda which imposes more challenges. But it doesn’t mean that SEO is an elite skill and only a few people can master the SEO world. SEO is all about learning new things and practices. I am listing few points here. Read and understand all points and keep practicing.

Dedicate Yourself to Learn SEO fundamentals and Search Engine Guideline:

A blogger like you and I don’t have a sufficient budget to hire a seasoned SEO who will work for us. SEO is compulsory for any website because it turns your hard work into fruitful results. Start to learn from very basic. The first step is to understand how a search engine works. Read all SEO articles in this website thoroughly and make a proper understanding. Re-read this guide to sink in SEO. Practice all basic SEO tips and tricks.

Make a Habit of Keyword Research:

Search Engine likes “keyword” and not the whole blog post. They extract keywords from the content and assign them rank according to popularity. Always use effective and high-value keywords. But don’t forget here relevancy. Don’t use irrelevant and wrong keywords because it may give a high rank to your site for the specific keyword but you will not get targeted audiences which ultimately increases the bounce rate. Use “Google Adword” or similar “keywords research” tool to find out high-rank keywords Digital Marketing Company Name Ideas

Done with keyword research? Inject them into web content:

It is not necessary to be an expert in keywords rich content. If you understand what visitors and blog readers want, you can write an SEO article easily. Don’t write for search engines or yourself but write for the audience first. Once you complete writing, tweak it by injecting few keywords. In this way, you can learn to write SEO-optimized posts.

Make an Effective Link Building Plan:

Let’s understand link-building strategy in real life. Most large organizations and companies hire employees based on reference. Why? Because references validate the candidate’s skill and reputation. In the same way, search engines use links to validate any website’s value and quality on a particular search keyword. If a high-ranking blog or site is linking to your site, the search engine will give a high rank to your site automatically. Link building can be done by commenting on other related blogs and bookmarking on social media sites.

Remain Patient during rank fluctuation:

Alexa rank is the most determining factor of any site’s ranking. Google PR is another factor. Sometimes rank may fall due to some reason. In this case, new bloggers feel like hell. They stop practicing SEO like link building etc. I suggest you keep patience because these fluctuations are only temporary. Give your blog at least one year to grow to give a stable ranking. Keep yourself updated and learn new SEO things each day. If you follow the above points, I am sure you will definitely boost your site ranking and visibility in search engines.

What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”. A basic definition of “SEO” is: Optimizing the website so that search engines find it easily and rank it on the first page of search results pages.
To get top rank in SERP, you have to give a solid reason why search engines should rank your site on top. Achievement of top-ranking is done by optimization techniques. I am describing all techniques here. Please make a habit and use these tips every time you write a blog post.

1.Content Writing:
A blog or website is nothing without content. You should write content-rich articles. It should be effective and must provide some value to the user. Always remember quality is better than quantity. If there are hundreds of blog posts and most articles generate no interest in the reader, it is useless. On the other hand, if there are only ten posts and it goes viral, your blog will get much popularity. It is not hard to get thoughts and ideas to write articles. Follow top bloggers under the same niche to update yourself. 500-800 words lengthy articles are desirable. Don’t write too short or too long blog posts.

2.Content Optimization:
Content is not enough for any blog or website. It should be user-friendly as well as search engine friendly. We can identify if the post is useful for users or not. But how search engines will identify its usefulness? It is a keyword by which “search engine” identifies relevant content. If there are enough relevant keywords, it will automatically index in the search results. You should choose high valued keywords Catchy Electronic Company Names.
3.Media Optimization:
A picture says a lot more than words. Next time when you write your blog, don’t forget to include at least one image which should be relevant. Don’t hesitate to make a video tutorial if you want to explain things more clearly. Google and similar search engine don’t understand images. You have to add a description, title tag, and alt tag while using any image.

4.Anchor Text and Interlinking:
Your blog may have a different post on the same topic. To engage your user in reading, interlinking can be very helpful. This is done by Anchor text. Mark a few keywords in your post to use as anchor text. Make a hyperlink of those texts to another post. Use can see anchor text used by me in this post. To make interlinking easier, use “Recommended post for you” between the paragraphs.

The techniques we used above are called “On-Page Optimization”. You can use some plugins to achieve optimum results. These are:

1. WP Seo by Yoast (Free)
2. SEO Pressor (Premium)

The use of the best WordPress theme or framework can save lots of time and hard work. I recommend the “Genesis Framework”.It is SEO-friendly, Secure, Fast, and Responsive.

These are basic SEO tips. You should practice throughout your blogging life. I will continue some intermediate-level SEO guide in the next post. Keep visiting my blog.

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