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Pixi Overnight Glow Serum For Oily Skin Review

This was my first buy from the brand Pixi the Pixi overnight glow serum, the brand was so much hyped about in a good way, so as a beauty and skincare enthusiast I was eager to try out this product.

So, let's talk about where did this Pixi originate as a brand:

Its been more than 20 years now since Pixi as a brand was found in London by Petra Strand in the year 1999. No wonder that this brand has built a genuine customer all over the world because of the quality of the product it offers to its customers. Even Oprah Winfrey approves of this brand to be the best in skincare.

Few top famous products by Pixi; which are worth the hype:

  • Pixi Glow Tonic- it has become a synonym for the brand Pixi as this is one of their best and famous products.
  • Pixi Rose Caviar Essence.
  • Pixi Overnigt glow serum
  • Pixi Rose Ceramide Cream.
  • Pixi Peel & Polish.

Review About the product Pixi Overnight Glow Serum

The product comes in a glass bottle along with the cap and extra glass nozzle. The bottle of overnight glow serum is minty green in color.

The texture is a little viscous, so when you apply it to the skin I will advise you to pat and push it in the skin instead of dragging it like any moisturizer. Initially, it is a bit stick but settles in in 3-5 minutes Since I am an oily skin person, in summers it did feel a little sticky, but in winters it is all that my skin needs.

So if you are combination and dry, even in summers you can go with this serum after washing your face and toning. Even oily ones could go but I will advise them to include it in the night skincare routine.

The most important thing is since it contains glycolic acid and its concentration is not mentioned, I will advise you all to not use it daily, you can use it on alternate days. As it is a serum that penetrates deep into the skin because of its low molecular weight. And its excess can harm your skin.

Also, do a patch test before applying this serum since many people with sensitive skin are allergic to glycolic acid.

Apply sunscreen as is a must over it since glycolic acid works like a chemical peel and it makes your skin sensitive to the sun.

What are its key ingredients:

On its packaging, it mentions Aqua, Glycerin, Glycolic acid, Polysorbate 20, Ammonium hydroxide, EDTA, Ascorbic acid, Ginseng Root Extract, Cucumber fruit extract, Aloe Barbadensis to name a few.

Price of Pixi glow tonic serum

The price is a little on the higher side, it costs Rs.2500 for 30ml of product.


As it claims to be Exfoliating peel, it does show its effect on your skin as it gently dissolves the bonds that bind dulling, dead cells to the skin’s surface – revealing the healthy ‘new’ skin cells beneath- from the claim.” Provide you have a healthy diet and healthy routine. Since the fact cannot be denied if you are not happy and healthy from within no, the product can do wonders.

Also, the product quantity is sufficient and will last longer than a year.


The price is on the higher side, and the glass bottle is the only con for me, though they mention it is safe to travel, there is a high chance it can break if the bottle falls.

Overall I would recommend it to buy as it is decent serum, which works as a good chemical exfoliant and makes your skin look fresh and new.

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