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Best Online Tools to Remove Background From Image

Removing background from an image was once a work of Graphic designers who did it with the help of specialized tools. But now, this task can be completed in fractions of seconds. 

With the technological progress multiple "online tools to remove the background from image" have come up. Some of them are useful and easy to use that they can remove the background in just one click. 

In this blog, I’ve shared some tools to remove or add a new background to an image.

It is a website that removes the background from an image. You can remove background just in factions of seconds by following simple steps:

Step 1. Visit the Website  
Step 2. Upload Your Image 
Step 3.  Click on the Remove Background Button

The image I'm using here is a backpack image. 

You can simply download the image without background with just one click.


This is an online tool that is quite popular for photo editing. The procedure is very simple and doesn’t require any special skills. Just upload your image to and,  the background from your image will be automatically removed.

Follow these steps
Step 1. Open website
Step 2. Upload the Image 
Step 3. Download the image without the background.

The image I'm using here is of a girl working on her laptop.


It is another online tool for removing background from your image. On this website, you can either upload image from your device or simply copy the image link and Inpixio will fetch the image from it.

The process of removing background is a bit lengthy but if you need to remove custom background, this the tool for you.

Follow these steps to remove the background image

Step 1. Upload an Image from your device or submit a link on
Step 2. Once the image is being uploaded then you need to select the image portion which you want to keep as done below.

Note: Click on "+" before you highlight the image part.

Step 3. Once you selected the image part click on Apply. Only highlighted part will be left. 

You can either highlight the image part which you want to keep for that you need to click on the "+" symbol and if you want to highlight the part you need to remove from the image then you need to click on the "-" sign.

Once completed you can simply download the image without a background.

But what if you want to add background to your image?

Add a white using paint.

Step 1. Remove background from any of the above tools and download it. 
Step 2. Open Image in Paint. 

and directly save it.

If you want a black or any other background to your image then 

Step 1. Remove background from any of the above tools and download it. 
Step 2. Open Image in Canva
Step 3. Select the background which you want to add to your image.

Simply download the image and use it wherever you want to.

Although there are many other online tools to remove background from an image the ones which are mentioned above are easy to use and time-saving. 

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