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7 Steps to Grow Your Instagram Followers Organically

In this 21st-century social media presence is a must for any brand and Instagram is a social media platform that has become the keystone of many brands' social presence.

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Today most of the users on Instagram don't use it to just connect to their friends or family but also to shop online. I also use Instagram to search for a brand online and check their updates if they are giving any discounts or something else. That is the main reason most of the brands are choosing Instagram for their marketing as they can drive profitable traffic to their website landing pages, growing sales, and building an engaged audience.

The most important part to promote your business on Instagram is that you should have followers. Having followers will help you grow your sales and brand trust. Now you must be wondering how we can have followers on our Instagram account.

There are probably many ways to grow your Instagram followers like using paid ads, or using some websites which usually sell followers but the only thing which gonna last forever is Growing Your Instagram Follower Organically.

Optimize Your Account

The first and most important step to gain followers on Instagram is to have a fully optimized account i.e. an account having a perfect username, bio, and website link. Your Instagram account will act as a homepage to the followers so optimize it accordingly.


  • Select User-Friendly Username.
  • Add Profile Picture.
  • Add Perfect Bio which describes your brand or service.
  • Don't forget to add your website link to your profile.

Create Engaging Content

To catch the attention of your audience on Instagram you must create engaging content. The more people like your content the more they will share it with their friends.

  • Understand your audience and create the content which they like.
  • Upload videos as videos get more engagement as compared to images.
  • Search for Viral topics on Twitter, Facebook, or youtube and create posts related to them.

Showcase your Instagram Everywhere: Promote your Instagram Account

How people are going to find your account unless you promote it and by promotion, it doesn't mean to run ads. If you have already built a great audience on any other social media then you can simply let them know about your Instagram Profile by dropping your profile URL there are chances that people following you on one social media platform will follow you on another as they are interested in your content.

  • Share your Instagram on other social media platforms.
  • Integrate your Instagram with your website so that people who visited your website can visit your Instagram profile also.

Check Your Competitors

Create a list of competitors in your niche and analyze their accounts like what type of posts they are doing, how they are engaging with the users. This will help you to know the user's interests and how can you make your brand better.

  • Follow your competitors' followers this will let them know about your brand and you might get a follow back.
  • Check their posts like what are they posting images, videos, or reels.

Build Engagement with Competitor's Follower

After you have checked your competitor's accounts, the next step is to build engagement with competitors' followers. They are your biggest targets as they have already followed your competition which means that they are already interested in your industry. Follow them, like their images and you can also comment on their posts.

  • Don't do anything in excess like, comment, and follow in a limited manner. If you follow more than 100 people in a day then there is a chance your Instagram account may get suspended.

Use Better Hashtags

Don’t just use any hashtags for your posts. Do thorough research and find the top-performing hashtags among your target audience or products. Create your own hashtags that represent your brand.

  • Don't use irrelevant hashtags in an attempt to make their account more visible. This will make you look spammy and will ruin your reputation on Instagram.

Run a Giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to get more engagement on Instagram. Most people are interested in getting things for free. 

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