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6 Beauty Trends To Lookout For In 2021

The year 2020 has changed a lot of things for us - our perspective, our values, our hygiene, our norms, and also our beauty standards. 

With the roar of acceptability echoing through different social media platforms, the world has become more inclusive and less critical. The unprecedented times of 2020 have taught us to be more understanding and liberal towards ourselves and others, after all, you never know what happens next.

Inclusivity comes from acceptance, and the emerging beauty norms of 2021, lies on the same grounds of embracing oneself. 

With the emergence of vaccines, we all are finally ready to step out in the ‘new normal’, but with a different rage and outlook than before. 

So, to make you familiar and up to date with the emerging beauty norms of 2021, Here I bring to you some of the trends that will help you to keep yourself trendy and fashionable in 2021.

So, without any further wait, let's get started.

More Focus on Skincare

The world has started putting more focus on skincare products, rather than make-up products. Skincare is definitely going to be the biggest emerging trend of 2021. 

With people coming to realize that the natural the better, skincare has started becoming a norm. 

Cherishing our natural skin is not just good for our mental health, and confidence, but also for society as a whole. With unsatisfactory and unachievable beauty norms making the trends from the past several years, this time ‘the real beauty’ is what people are looking forward to celebrating.  

Sustainable Beauty

With the increase in the emission of greenhouse gases, and the world facing the harsh repercussions of global warming, Sustainability has become the norm of the hour. With the emergence of natural, organic, and eco-friendly products in every sector of human indulgence, beauty products are also shifting to more sustainable means. In fact, with more and more people getting aware of the climate and the environment, there is definitely going to be a rise in the usage of sustainable beauty products in the year 2021. Sustainable beauty norms are definitely the need of the hour.

Natural Make-up Routine

The no-makeup makeup look is back. Rumors are that the concept of work from home is here to stay, and hence we need to look presentable at our homes too, after all, we all need to look well in those zoom meetings right?

So, to our rescue comes the epic ever-lasting no-makeup makeup look. This look gives a sudden flair to your face and innate confidence to rock every meeting with pride. So, our bets are on the no-makeup makeup look as the most ravishing look in the year 2021.

The lesser the Impactful

The year 2020 has seen the emergence of several skincare and beauty products that are a complete package. There are moisturizers with foundations, and there are gels that are moisturizers. 

Moreover, with ideas like minimalism and sustainability making the hustle, people have started indulging in products that are versatile and highly effective.

Thus, the idea of less is more has finally started to step in society today and is for sure making trends in the future.

Bye-bye to Heavy Eyeliner

I am pretty sure that you never thought that winged eyeliner will ever get eradicated from the trends. Well! My dear, it has now.

Heavy eyeliners are leaving the shelves of modern beauty. With people becoming more fond of natural looks, winged eyeliners are being said bye-bye to. 

The world is all about a light smokey eye or a simple plain kajal mascara combination. 

So, if you are looking ahead to any occasion, try a smokey eye look instead of just a heavy eyeliner. 

Sheet masks to the Rescue

With several brands launching sheet masks, people have also started appreciating the viability and the ease that these masks provide. Definitely an effective skincare product, sheet masks are all the rage today when it comes to skincare. 

Depending on your skin type and skin needs you could choose a sheet mask, apply it on and relax for a while. 

Sheet masks leave your skin hydrating and infuse your skin with the important essential oils that nourished your skin from beneath. Definitely, a wise and useful product to use in 2021.

Along with these emerging beauty trends, there is another trend that is definitely going to be in the talks in 2021, It is the culture of using salon appointment booking apps instead of going physically to book an appointment with your favorite salon or spa and waiting for long hours to avail the service. 

Salon appointment booking apps help to book an appointment with one's favorite salon or spa from the comfort of one’s home. It provides us with all the salons/spas and the several services it provides along with their specific pricing. Moreover, through these apps, one can avail of great discount offers and amazing other offers to make one's salon/spa experience more worthwhile. 

One such popular app is Zoylee, do check it out.

So, keep yourself with the trends, and don't forget to book your next salon appointment.

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