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Social Media and It's Impacts on Your SEO


What is Social Media?

Social Media refers to the websites or applications that facilitate the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and information efficiently, and in real-time or in simple words Social Media is an internet-based website or an app that allows users to engage and share content publicly.

Example of famous Social Media Platforms 2020

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat 

How Social Media Works?

As there are different social media platforms present in the real world in the same way working of each social media platform is different. However, the first step for every social media site is to create a profile by providing a Name, Email Address, or Mobile Number.

Once the profile is created users can share the content in form of an Image, Video, Text, or Link.

Let us discuss the Impacts of Social Media on SEO

Social Media doesn’t directly affect your website SEO but it has some impact on the factors like traffic which may affect your rankings. Below are some important facts about social media and its impact on your website SEO.

1. Social Media Profile Ranks in Search Results

You can increase your search visibility and derive more traffic through your social media profile all you need to do is optimize and keep them updated. 

Like these Profiles are showing in Google Search Results will help in generating more traffic to the website. Not just traffic the reviews and comments on these social media help to build customer trust.

2. Helps in Driving Traffic

Traffic is one of the major ranking factors and social media helps in deriving more traffic to the website. Whenever a user shares content on any social media platform it will be visible to people within their network which will result in more traffic and boosting your rankings.

3.Social Media Acts as Search Engines

In this age of digitalization people not only use search engines to search stuff up. Social Media platforms also act as search engines and people may discover your page, profile, or content through social media search.

Like it is shown in the screenshot below.

These were the few points that prove social media plays a vital role in boosting website rankings. However, they may not be directly linked with SEO but plays an important role in your overall SEO strategy.

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