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21 Tips for Effective Link Building for Your Website


SEO can be very tricky and is always changing so no matter what your experience with SEO is – there is always more to learn.

What Is Link Building & Why it is important?

Here are a few tips for an effective link building on your website.

1) Tackle Technical SEO Before Link Building

Building links with a website that doesn’t look good is worthless. Before developing link building strategy perform a technical SEO audit.
  • Find & fix broken internal links 
  • Find Your Top Pages 
  • Find 404 Pages
This will help you analyze site structure for internal link placement and top-performing pages for linkable assets and build your link building strategy.

2) Do a Backlink Audit

After technical audit pop back into Google search console and conduct a backlink audit.

Check if there are any spam or irrelevant sites linking to your website if you find any you can add them to your disavow file.

Google's Disavow Links Tool lets you tell Google to ignore specific backlinks for ranking purposes. Like a rel=”canonical” tag, a disavow file is a “strong suggestion rather than a directive.”

3) Link Reclamation

It is a quick and easy way to help your SEO efforts and fix those broken links. Link reclamation for a project is necessary when 

  • Content is removed.
  • URLs are changed.
  • A website is redesigned.

4)  How to Regain Lost Link Value

Create a spreadsheet with the old URLs, anchor text, new URLs, and locations of the broken links. A tool like Ahrefs or Majestic can help with this part.

To fix broken links from external websites, 301 redirects and a link reclamation project are the only way to retain those links.

5) Build Links via Non-Traditional Email Outreach

Collaborate with people who emailed you directly. Just work with lower level bloggers with a domain authority between 20 to 30 with social between 2k to 5k. Once you collaborate with others then these links will be connections to other people as they connect your website to their website. Email outreach creates a rare opportunity for you to develop a personal connection with an influencer or brand to sustain and grow a long-term relationship.

6) Start doing Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is still in use many entrepreneurs have used this strategy in the past. Here are some benefits of guest blogging.
  • It will improve your brand awareness.
  • Improves your SEO authority.
  • Increases your website traffic and leads.

7) Targeted Directories for Link Building.

Most of the people think that directories are dead now. They help to add up an inestimable link  to the profile. It is always better to go for the one's that are relevant, targeted directories which are filled with custom descriptions along with a whole slew of potential options to personalize your brand, rather than just opting for a paid one. Directories facilitate  consumer benefits and long-term local SEO as they help to increase direct traffic with better search engine ranking results.

8) Use Data-Driven Content for Link Building

The easiest way to get the attention of journalists and readers that your subject matter must be exciting, eye-catching, and unique in some sense.
So, how to develop unique, eye-catching and exciting content?
  • Choose Your Topic 
  • Collect Your Data
  • Carry Out Surveys
  • Ask Your Community
  • Use Your Own Data & Reports
  • Look for Interesting & Different Angles
  • Visualize Your Data
Content that is driven by data never fails because it is created by on the understanding of something people want. If your research was conducted in the right manner, you will be having a powerful piece of content with you. 

9) Create Link-Worthy Content

Developing link-worthy content requires two acts that need to be carried out  planning and then working on the strategy. Ample of time should be utilized for both. 

Link-Worthy content is simply content that is useful which comes in four forms: 

  • Informational: This is typically referred to as  the latest news.
  • Inspirational: Any content that motivates people to take action, such as self-improvement or volunteering for a cause.
  • Educational: This includes content that teaches people something that’s new to them.
  • Entertaining: This content normally provides amusement and plays on the emotions of consumers 
Link-worthy content attracts more links in both the short term and long term and helps to build positive relationships both, inside and outside of your community. It positions you in a thought-leadership role.

10) Gain Links by Being a Guest on Podcasts

Podcasts are something that provide you the opportunity to communicate directly to your target audience.
  • Podcasts add on to the diversity of your link profile.
  • Podcasts increase your control and trust not only on search engines, but also, on your potential audience.

11) Get Some Link Love from Radio Stations

This is not something new, but it is one that link builders often ignore. As, it’s so simple that other idea’s complexity outshine it:
Email your top 20 radio stations, asking to collaborate either on air, send products, or get featured on their blog.
  • Similar to podcasts, radio stations increase your overall brand awareness connecting the dots between online and offline exposure.
  • Radio stations usually have a domain name that’s been around for a long time, therefore, increasing the value of the link from their website to yours.

12) Turn Unlinked Brand Mentions Into Links

Monitoring the web for mentions of your brand is essential. Paying attention to brand mentions, and capitalizing on them, is highly effective strategy for building links and your reputation.
  • If you’re creating valuable content, but you aren’t getting credit for it, you’re missing a valuable opportunity.
  • Monitoring brand mentions is a high converting link building tactic, so it’s easy for you to hit the ground running.

13)  Spy on Your Competitors to Capture Similar Links

The links my competitors have are just as good (or at times, better) than starting a new high-profile relationship.
  • Capturing similar links as your competitors allows you to gain pace on their search engine ranking. You’ll have deeper insight into their marketing strategy and main keyword terms.
  • By outreaching to sites that already link to your competitors, you already know the site links to similar content so you have a better chance at building a relationship.

14) Show Your Link Gratitude

It starts with you emailing the webmaster to say thanks for the link.
Then, you could offer to:
  • Conduct an SEO audit for their website.
  • Help them with their SEO (e.g., fix their 404 errors or an external broken link).
  • Read, follow, and share their stories.
Link gratitude opens up an opportunity for you to grow your relationship with a webmaster for long-term results. Link gratitude gives you a chance to build a relationship outside of the link that can lead to more exposure on multiple marketing channels.

15) Link Building Best Practices for Content Syndication

The best way to ensure your content gets seen, linked, and shared by the maximum amount of your target audience is Content syndication.
  • Content syndication can improve your overall website authority if your content partner is of equal or greater value than your website.
  • Content syndication increases your backlinks to that specific article that’s getting syndicated.

16) Build Links Using Testimonials & Reviews

Reviews and testimonials are organic content. It’s one less piece of content you have to create on your end. They help in building trust and credibility not only for search engines but for your consumers also which can result in great direct and organic traffic for your website.


17) Take Link Building Into Your Local Community

Community engagement allows you to build relationships with your local community that can be a real benefit down the road. Community engagement lets you leverage local opportunities to create good content.

18) Link Building via Blog Comments

Blog comments can legitimately help your brand if done correctly. Blog comments can give you a greater reach to your target audience it also help grow authority and thought-leadership if you’re name and face is being seen on well-known websites.

 Benefits of Blog Commenting Links

  • More traffic to your website.
  • Reputation building.
  • Expert positioning. 
  • Building inbound links.
  • Leads and conversions.

19) Affiliate Link Building.

When starting a new site, focus almost exclusively on affiliate and organic traffic because it’s the cheapest and has a high ROI of traffic and revenue.
Affiliate marketing increases your brand mentions and new links during slow months.

20) A Link Building Checklist to Earn More & Better Links

If you want to rank your content well in organic search, you need  quality links.
Even Google has tells us this much, revealing that links are one of the top 3 ranking factors.
Quality links increase the overall power and trustworthiness of a page over the web.

21) Start Link Earning

Due to the fear spread by Google, discipline of link building is perceived by the public as something negative with the reboot of Penguin and penalizing big name companies. So, stop working on building links and begin your work on earning links. Link earning is about creating trustworthy, awesome content and promoting it like crazy.

Do let us know what other effective link building tactics you use for link building of your website. 

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