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Salwar Kameez Makes A Huge Comeback, Here’s How You Can Style It Right!

The love for salwar kameez by a woman is never-ending. They are the first most priority of every woman as they are favorable for every occasion and climatic condition. Not only festivals and occasions they are also a choice to wear on a daily basis. 

The ones that are made from lightweight fabrics are used as casual wear outfits and can be worn on a regular basis. The attire is available in a number of fabrics with a variety of patterns and colors.    

Wearing salwar kameez is not a big deal but styling it in the right way and with some proper accessories gives you an entirely different look. Let's talk about how to style your salwar kameez in the correct way. 

Choosing the Right Fabric:

The most important thing is to choose the right fabric. There are a number of options regarding fabrics. They can be thin or thick according to the type of material and making the process of the fabric. Have a look at some fabrics. 

Cotton: It is a soft and fluffy fabric that is obtained from cotton plants. The most admired fabric among all the others that has the ability to control sweat and moisture is one and only cotton. If you love bright and vibrant colors with some prints then you can definitely choose this fabric. They are the perfect ones for daily wear and small gatherings. 

Georgette: It is a lightweight, sheer fabric that is named after a French dressmaker Georgette De La Plante. The fabric is originally made from silk from highly twisted yarns. Traditional dresses and evening wear are usually made from this dull-finished crepe fabric. Heavily embellished georgette salwar suit is a great pick for pre-wedding or post-wedding functions.


Chiffon: The fabric is made from natural fibers cotton or silk, it can also be made from synthetic fibers like nylon or polyester. It is a soft and lightweight fabric that has a playful appeal. A Patiala salwar suit made from this fabric gives the outfit a voluminous look. The pleats and baggy structure of the attire look more dignified when made with this material. 


Linen: A strong and absorbent fabric that dries even faster than cotton is linen. The material is made from the fibers of flax plants, the fabric usually comes in light and pastel colors giving a fresh feel to the wearer. It is the best fabric for summers that gives a cool feel. Some prints and work give it a more glorious look.  

Silk: The most royal fabric that can be chosen for special functions and festivals is silk that is made from the larvae of mulberry silkworms. It is one of the highly consumed fabrics after cotton. Weddings are the occasion where silk is admired the most. A silk salwar suit having chanderi silk or Banaras silk dupatta will make you look stunning. 


Choose the preferred one as per the type of occasion you are going to attend and be the flawless beauty of that event. 

Unlimited Colour and Design Choices:

After choosing the right fabric the second thing that comes is the color choices and designs. If you are in search of wholesale salwar kameez then you will come across a wide range of salwar suits online. The outfit is found in printed patterns as well as some beautiful embroidery work. 

Prints such as digital pints, geometric prints, and some traditional block prints are perfect to provide an eye-catchy look to the attire. Heavily embellished front and neckline with pearls, diamonds, and sequins are the ones that can be selected for parties and events. Matching salwar and a designer dupatta make a complimenting pair.

The Correct Pattern:

Select the correct pattern according to your body type and occasion where you are going to wear it. There are many different types of salwar suits. You just need to choose the best one for yourself and get ready for the event. 

Anarkali Salwar Suits: One of the most famous styles of salwar kameez is this flared attire. Fitted to the upper body and flared from the bottom with some laces and embroidery work makes it a lovely piece. Paired with a churidar salwar and a matching dupatta completes the entire look. 

Patiala Salwar Suits: This pattern is favorable for casual wear due to its loose and flared design. A printed short side slit Kurti paired with a dupatta and this salwar will make you feel relaxed. Printed ones can be worn on a regular basis and the embroidered ones can opt for parties and other special events.

Sharara Salwar Suits: The attire that is popular since the Mughal era is the most fabulous one. It consists of a flared salwar that is straight till the knees and then flared from the bottom, a short kameez, and a dupatta. The flare of salwar may be detailed with embroidery work for a ravishing look.   

Palazzo Salwar Suits: They are very famous nowadays due to their comfort level and straight silhouette. The salwar can be paired with different types of kameez that can be straight kameez, knee-length a-line kameez, or some asymmetrical kameez. Many girls pair short Kurtis and t-shirts with palazzo. 

From any online store, you can get cotton anarkali suits in wholesale with a lot of variations in colors and designs. So go ahead and look for the best one. 

Some Pretty Accessories:

How can we forget traditional jewelry if you are wearing a salwar suit? Here are some of them that you must wear with the outfit. 

Earrings: A pair of bold and beautiful earrings are a must-wear accessory with not only traditional but each and every outfit. So choose the matching one and get a graceful look.  

Necklace: A variety of necklaces are available in the market. They can be long, short or choker and can be paired with your attire according to the type of neckline you have.  

Bracelet or Bangles: A pretty bracelet or some colorful bangles can be paired with short sleeves salwar kameez. Long sleeves don't need any type of bracelet or bangle. 

Rings: A lovely chainring or simple round rings makes a lot of difference. An artificial ring having a colorful stone in the middle and surrounded by small stones will look gorgeous. 

Nosering: It is believed to be a traditional piece of jewelry. They are small, having diamonds or maybe round known as the worn with sarees and lehengas. 

Footwear: Heels or flats whatever you prefer. Just choose the matching one and get a complete look. If you are willing to look tall then you can wear heels or else flats and mojaris are also a great match. 

Makeup and Hairdo: Choose your makeup according to the function. For weddings high makeup is good and for parties and gatherings, neutral makeup is preferable. Complete the look with a proper hairstyle.

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