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What is the Inverted Pyramid?

It is a technique used by most of the journalists and other writers to explain how information should be prioritized and structured in any story or any other content.

Using inverted pyramid technique journalists put the important pieces of a story in the first paragraph to inform and draw in a reader. We can say this paragraph is the recipe of the story.

It gives away the traditional W’s instantly: who, what, when, where, why and, of course, how.

Image Source: Wiki

The inverted pyramid can be thought of as a triangle pointing down. The topmost widest part of the triangle represents the most newsworthy information that the writer wants to convey. While the tapering lower portion represents the diminishing important details followed by other general information.

Using the Inverted Pyramid technique has many advantages.
  • It supports all types of readers, even those who skim
  • It improves comprehension, everything you need to understand the article is in that first paragraph
  • You need less time to get to the point
  • It gives writers a full paragraph to draw readers in.
  • Done well, it encourages readers to scroll and read the rest of the article

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