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How To Select A Killer LinkedIn Profile Photo!


LinkedIn Started In Back In 2003 The Whole Idea Was To Post Your Resume Online And Maybe An Hr Person Or The Recruiter Would Find You On The Network. You Could Also Search And Apply for Jobs Through LinkedIn.
If You Want To Create A  Linkedin Profile That Attracts Clients And Generates Warn, Inbound Sales Leads Then You Have To Follow Some Steps.
Instead Of Having Your Profile Looks Like An Online Resume You Need To Make It All About How You Can Help A Specific Targeted Audience Of Customers And Clients Achieve Their Goals By Utilizing Your Service Or Product. 
A Book Is Judged By Its Cover Same is In The Case Of Linkedin. The First Thing People See In Your Profile Is Your  Profile Photo. Your Profile Photo  Can Be One Of The Most Important Elements Of Your Linkedin Presence Ie Square Image Is Your First Chance To Make A Good Impression On Others. 
Linked Is A Professional Network And People Are Here To Do Business. So Choose A Professional Look Ie People Are  Not Here To See Your Latest Vacations Updates. By Professional Photo I Mean You In A Shirt And Tie, Smiling.
We Are Surprised To See People Wearing Sunglasses In Their LinkedIn Profile Photo Always Remember It’s Natural Human Curiosity And Instinct To Want To Look Someone Directly In The Eye And Sunglasses Prevent That So Please Do Not Cover Your Eyes With In Your LinkedIn Photo Make Sure People Can See Directly Into Them.
Smiles Are Free. Choose A Profile Photo With  A Smiling Face Because Smiling Instantly Puts Strangers At Ease. We Want To Make Sure That The Person We Are Looking At Isn’t A Threat And We Are Also Unlikely To Be Attracted To People Who Look Sad, Angry Or Confused. But When We See A Smiling Face, It's Almost As If We Can Exhale Inside And Say To Ourselves  “This Person Looks Safe”
To Recap Always Have A Professional Looking LinkedIn Photo And Remember Smile Cost Nothing So Always Smile. These Were The Main Points To Keep In Mind While Selecting A LinkedIn Profile Photo.
Hope This Will Help You.

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