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How to Adjust the Logo Size in

Adjust the Size of Your Logo in 6 Simple Steps.

So if you want to customize the look of almost anything in your blog’s theme or template, you’ll have to have a little basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

To Adjust the size of the logo in your blogger website all you need to do is add custom CSS to it.

Step 1 Log in to your Blogger website.
Step 2 Click on theme.

Step 3  Click on Customize

Step 4 Now select Advanced option from the Menu.

Step 5 Click on Add CSS.

Step 6  Add CSS Code. 

Remember the maximum width of the logo can be  set to 100%, so let's just define the maximum height for this image in CSS:

#Header1 img {
max-height: 65px;

That’s it! You can adjust the maximum height according to requirement. 

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